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Issue 009   April 2009

LinkQuest Inc., San Diego, California USA


LinkQuest's best-selling TrackLink USBL tracking systems have been maintaining high popularity worldwide. Recently, many commercial companies and government organizations have purchased TrackLink 1500 systems. LinkQuest has delivered a third TrackLink 1500HA system to Fugro Survey B.V. at Netherlands. This system will primarily be used for offshore oil and gas field operations in long-range high-multipath environments where the TrackLink system's Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum technology outperforms markedly. LinkQuest has also recently delivered a TrackLink 1500HA USBL tracking system to Fisheries & Oceans Canada at New Brunswick. This Canadian government organization will use the system as a general purpose underwater tracking tool in its operations. A TrackLink 1500LC system was delivered to Maritech, Greece. It is the second system which the company has purchased within three months. A TrackLink 1500LC and a TrackLink 1500HA system were also recently delivered to Saab Seaeye in UK. The TrackLink 1500LC system will be integrated into a Seaeye Falcon ROV purchased by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for search and rescue operations. Many more systems were also delivered to domestic and overseas customers. With advanced Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum technology and highly accurate and robust field performance, LinkQuest's TrackLink systems are the world's best selling USBL positioning systems. Click for more TrackLink information.

LinkQuest has now sold its FlowQuest discharge measurement profilers to 10 countries since the product introduction less than a year ago. These systems have been used by various commercial companies, government organizations, research institutes and universities to measure discharge in rivers, estuaries, natural streams and constructed channels in 4 continents. Most recently, The Institute of Geography and Institute of Marine Resources and Environment of Vietnam purchased two FlowQuest 600 acoustic current profilers with discharge measurement function. These systems will be used for measurement of water discharge for surveys in rivers and seas in Vietnam, particularly in flood seasons. With very fast ping rate, automatically adjusted cell size, no ambiguity error and solid bottom tracking capability, the Discharge Measurement function in FlowQuest profilers is capable of more accurately measuring both normal and unsteady (or tidally affected) flow. It is also dramatically faster than conventional discharge measurement systems and has improved accuracy. Click for more Discharge information.

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