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Issue 007   March 2008

LinkQuest Inc., San Diego, California USA


LinkQuest's FlowQuest acoustic current profilers now have the WaveQuest Directional Wave Spectrum Measurement function which can be used to measure wave directions, periods and heights. This function is offered as an option with the FlowQuest 600 and 1000 acoustic current profilers. The WaveQuest directional wave spectrum measurement function generates complete wave parameters in both time and frequency domains including various kind of wave heights, wave frequencies and wave periods, such as Hmax, H3, H10, Fpeak, Tmean, Tmax, etc. The directional wave spectrum generated by the wave measurement provides a full wave spectrum. Each frequency in the wave spectrum has its stochastic mean direction. The measured waves and the direction spectrums are displayed in the FlowQuest Studio Windows software. LinkQuest's wave measurement function is based on the effects of the reflected acoustic signals following the wave movement. This function shares the same electronics and transducer with current measurement. All sophisticated calculation is done inside the FlowQuest system. No external processing device is needed. The data output is concise and can be easily transported over satellite, radio, cellular or acoustic links. Click for more WaveQuest information.

TrackLink USBL tracking systems are the world's best selling USBL positioning systems. The deepwater models, TrackLink 5000 and 10000 systems, have gained acceptance from more highly regarded clients worldwide. NOAA has recently taken delivery of a TrackLink 10000 system to be installed on its newly converted research vessel Okeano Explorer. This TrackLink system, capable of reaching a range of 11 km, will be used to track an ultra-deepwater ROV and its TMS system. National Oceanography Centre (NOC), Southampton, UK, has recently ordered a TrackLink 10000 system which will be used for AUV tracking and communication. This system has an integrated acoustic modem function that can be used to send commands to and receive data from the AUV. This integrated acoustic communication and positioning approach eliminates the acoustic interference typically existing between an acoustic communication and a positioning system, and increases the overall system reliability and usability. This is the second TrackLink 10000 ultra-deepwater USBL tracking system purchased by NOC. The first system, installed on the Autosub 6000 AUV, performed well in the system trials. Recently, the University of Hawaii also purchased a second TrackLink 5000HA system for tracking deepwater towed systems. The first system has been used to track deepwater manned submersibles, Pisces V and Pisces IV, accurately and reliably in the past three years. Click for more TrackLink Models information.

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