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Issue 004   May 2007

LinkQuest Inc., San Diego, California USA


LinkQuest Inc., San Diego, California, recently rolled out the ultra long-range FlowQuest 75 acoustic current profiler, extending the same innovative and high performance acoustic Doppler technology to 75 kHz of operating frequency with ultra high power transmission. The FlowQuest 75 acoustic current profiler is capable of reaching up to 900 meters in range with an accuracy of 1% +/- 5 mm/s, making it one of two acoustic current profilers available in the market capable of reaching such a long distance. The standard depth rating of the system is 800 meters with options for 1500, 3000 and 6000 meters. With its capability for significantly longer range, significantly reduced cost to end users and the Data Fusion function for interfacing to multiple third-party sensors, the FlowQuest 75 system is an ideal system for ultra long-range current and flow monitoring. The FlowQuest 75 current profiler has also been seamlessly integrated with LinkQuest's best-selling deepwater underwater acoustic modems. These modems provide a highly reliable acoustic data link for uploading data from the FlowQuest recorder or real-time monitoring of currents. Click for more FlowQuest information.

LinkQuest is pleased to announce it has moved its corporate headquarter to 6749 Top Gun Street, San Diego, California, effective May 2007. Occupying a significant portion of a state-of-the-art two-story building at the heart of the high tech region in San Diego, LinkQuest has more than doubled its space for R&D, manufacturing and training. This expansion is a direct result from significant growth of the company in the past few years and the tremendous opportunity to meet further increased demand for its best-selling underwater acoustic modems, acoustic tracking systems, acoustic current profilers and Doppler velocity logs in the worldwide market. This new location is less than 3 miles from the previous location at 6339 Nancy Ridge Drive, San Diego. The telephone and fax numbers for the company remain unchanged.

MTS/IEEE Oceans 2007, September 29 - October 4, 2007
Booth 900,
Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Center, Vancouver, BC
LinkQuest will attend the MTS/IEEE Oceans 2007. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you.

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